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Celebrate the big difference that small actions can MAKE at Hyperfine Academy.


It only takes a second to make a good decision, to reverse a bad one, to learn something new, to start a new path. And if you’ve got a few seconds, Hyperfine Academy also celebrates the act of designing, investigating a new challenge, and learning something new. Like this: There’s an atomic-level interaction known as Hyperfine Structure. When this process repeats 9.2 billion times, you have reached one second. You’re familiar with seconds, did you know how much was going on in each one?

So where do small actions and design intersect? Right here.

Hyperfine Academy is an online architectural training HUB, providing students, young professionals, and veteran architects with the tutorials, courses, and resources they need to excel.

Whether its design, or Revit, or structures, or building code, or any of the million things an Architect needs to know in order to make deliberate and creative decisions, you’re not going to get it all on the first day.


You’re going to get there one second at a time, starting now.

what are you looking for?

You want to create. You want to make beautiful designs that can actually get built. You want to improve yourself and the world around you. You just need a little help with XYZ. Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or a veteran architect, this site has something for you.

I'm just looking to browse around and do a little reading.

Spend your lunch break reading the latest posts on the Hyperfine blog.

I'm a student (or student at heart) and I'm learning on a budget.

You're sure to find something interesting in the free tutorials section.

I'm too busy for videos and need something on the go.

Download handouts and resources that you can access anywhere, anytime.

I've only got 864 seconds to spare so let's get serious.

For young professionals and veterans. Even old dogs can learn new tricks.